Sunday, 17 June 2012

XXX - from Amsterdam

we started shooting in the Olympic stadion (games of 1928 Amsterdam) where the EK and Olympic selections of ARCHERY were held...after the finals we were allowed to start filming with Jim de Rijk a promising young archer and Yana van Dijk, art student and beauty +...

the story:
an archer is aiming at his target and through the viewfinder he keeps seeing this woman...he follows her down the stair in the stadion, leaving the field...down there there are more women (Heidi and Raphaella Beeton)..but also a girl (Lizzy Jongedijk).. and when he finally shoots..the archer is a boy...the arrow goes to the girl... a fourth lady (Roberta Petzoldt) throws herself before the girl, catching the arrow with her body and dies... the archer stands alone in the stadion... the arrow in the target middle XXX..but no one is there